Environmental & Waste Management

As our name suggests, Aireco recognises its responsibility to conduct its business in a manner that is sound and will not harm our natural environment or create an unsafe environment for its employees, clients and contractors.  We are committed to environmental responsibility and sustainable development, and adhere to the responsibilities and requirements placed upon us by various State, Federal and Country specific Environmental and Waste Management Legislation and Standards to:

  • Protect the environment by identifying hazards and managing associated risks.
  • Inform and train Supervisors, Employees and Contractors to ensure their work does not damage the environment and does not create environmental hazards
  • Set and achieve targets that promote efficient use of resources and include reducing and preventing pollution.
  • Utilise Safe Method Work Statements relating to the management of environmental control.
  • Segregation of general wastes to ensure recyclable items are disposed of separately to non-recyclable waste.

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations and environmental policies to which we adhere.  We continue to develop initiatives relating to sustainable development with aim of reducing the environmental impacts of our operations and products.